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Who Is Videobob?
Download this video to find out!

Who is

Videobob performs many duties on the show.
The show creator, Director and host.
Videobob's moniker was bestowed upon him because of his knowledge of
broadcast engineering and television production.
A comedian in every day life, comedy television was second nature.
Videobob, AKA: Robert Moseley started his television career with a cable access show
featuring local music and funny bits as "Underground Connection".
This show generated attention in GEAR Magazine, NBC-Dateline, Extra! and other media outlets.
"Videobob's Stupid Movie Of The Week" features goofy old creature features that Bob loves to rip on.
This show is currently in nationwide syndication in more than 40 cities.

Click HERE for IMDB listing info.

Besides hosting and producing
national television shows,
Videobob has a few hobbies.
Bob is an avid motorcycle enthusiast,
Bob travels the country on his
Harley Davidson
and attends all the big bike rallies.

Other hobbies include computers,
web-sites and electronics repair.

Videobob's comedy influences are:
Howard Stern, Sam Kinison,
George Carlin,
Andrew Dice Clay, Carrot Top
and many more.

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